by Lance and 3-50

Press Contact

Contact Name: Alexandra Palme
E-Mail: ap@mixtvision.de
Link to request keys: https://mixtvision.games/#press
Developer PressKit: https://onde-game.com/presskit/

About the game: ONDE

ONDE is a smooth sound-surfing platformer: Dive into a world filled with sounds. Let ethereal tunes carry you fluidly on your way through abstract landscapes.

Learn to create and follow ephemeral paths of sound and light. Let whimsical companions guide you through a delicate world that changes from clear lines to swirls of color, from bursts of single notes to soothing sound spheres. Tune in to the soundscapes surrounding you and feel the world around you become alive with wonders.

Trust the cycle, resonate with the flow and ascend to what is yet to become.

About the company: Lance and 3-50

ONDE is being made by the studios Lance and 3-50 in the South of France. The core team met at the Global Game Jam 2017, where they created the first prototype of the game.


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