Highrise City
by Fourexo Entertainment

Press Contact

Contact Name: Phil Pradel
E-Mail: spotlight@deck13.com
Link to request keys: spotlight@deck13.com

About the game: Highrise City

Highrise City is the next evolution of City Builders. Create cities with up to a million inhabitants where more than 30.000 buildings are placed and where countless people are walking down the streets. In Highrise City you do not only build a city, you also actively manage it by handling the economical supply for it. Organize and build resource-routes in an efficient way and make sure your economy is well balanced to guarantee a steady growth. By doing so you will be able to create megacities.

About the company: Fourexo Entertainment

Small Indie studio from Dresden, Germany. Officially founded 2020, but the development of their first game Highrise City has been going on for several years already.


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