by Let's GameDev

Press Contact

Contact Name: Phil Pradel
E-Mail: spotlight@deck13.com
Link to request keys: spotlight@deck13.com

About the game: Spindle

Spindle is an oldschool zeldaesque experience where you slip into the role of Death. But you won't be alone: A loyal comapnion, a friend who will stay at your side even through the darkest of times, a mate you can always rely on will always follow you: The pig. Your little shiny pink buddy. In fact, the pig is more than that. It will help you on your mission, to restore the natural order.

About the company: Let's GameDev

Three developers. One mission: Finally release a game. A game about life and death. And a pig. Not the Cage-Pig, but a cute one. Driven by pixels the three friends started a mission a long time ago and the journey has just started.


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