Faraday Protocol
by Red Koi Box

Press Contact

Contact Name: Phil Pradel
E-Mail: spotlight@deck13.com
Link to request keys: spotlight@deck13.com

About the game: Faraday Protocol

Faraday Protocol is a first-person, story-driven puzzle game that will test your curiosity and keen perception. You are Raug Zeekon: interstellar archeologist from planet Cunor. You have been sent by your company to investigate the source of a mysterious signal coming from an unexplored star system. As you deploy from your spaceship, you’ll find yourself in a new and unknown environment. A voice will welcome you to “Opis” - the mysterious place where you have landed.

About the company: Red Koi Box

Founded in 2017, Red Koi Box has 17 years of combined experience in software. Now they're putting their knowledge to use in the release of their first game - Faraday Protocol!


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