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About the game: Gravitational

Gravitational is a virtual reality game that allows the player to live Sebastian, a wheelchair scientist who develops gravitational solutions. The game takes place in a utopian future where large corporations are in a race with each other to develop gravitational control, a technology that will revolutionize the world.

As Sebastian, the player finds himself at the heart of a huge incident that resulted in the collapse of Gravcorp’s main core. Your objective is to stabilize the main core and prevent a major catastrophe. Facing challenges in places with little accessibility and understanding conflicts and trauma presented in the game, the player explores the world using Sebastian’s wheelchair and also experiences and masters the movement in zero gravity.

About the company: Electric Monkeys

Electric Monkeys is an indie game studio located in São Paulo, Brazil. The company develops games aimed at multiple platforms such as PC, consoles, and also mobile platforms. In addition to Gravitational, the company launched Gravity Heroes, a 2D game that also involves gravity mechanics and futuristic themes.


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