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Contact Name: Leon Jeutter
Link to request keys: Via mail
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About the game: Indoorlands

Indoorlands: The indoor park simulator where you can control your rides and freely design your halls. Manage, expand and develop your own park to inspire your visitors. Satisfy your visitors' needs by unlocking and researching new buildings, rides and more!

• Build your own indoor amusement park from scratch.
• The player takes on the tasks of the park manager, the designer as well as the ride operator.
• As a manager, you have to satisfy the guests‘ needs, keep the economy running, expand & maintain the park and research further buildings, objects and rides.
• Use research centers to unlock more restaurants, shops, halls and rides.
• Flat rides take center stage: As a ride operator, you control your rides and record unique ride programs that put a smile on your guests‘ faces.
• All themings and objects are freely combinable, so each hall is unique due to the individual design choices.
• There is no limit to your creativity: 500 decoration objects from various themings
•Blueprint System: Show your creativity & share your hall interior designs and compositions with other players.
•Planning the park architecture is a challenging task. Space is limited and maintenance buildings should be built apart from the flow of visitors.
•Different tools like the feedback report, atractivity heatmap, ticket price adjustment or individual visitor details provide all the information needed.

About the company: Pixelsplit

Pixelsplit – An indie game studio founded in 2017 – based in Frankfurt, Germany. A diverse indie developer team, that loves to create games and stay in close contact with our community. A studio, that wants to offer everyone on the team the opportunity to individually contribute to projects, to grow and to express themselves.
Based on the long-term work on Virtual Rides, a sophisticated ride simulator, as well as the development of Deadly Days, an Early Access title that evolved greatly during the EA phase, we strongly believe that with Indoorlands we are releasing a unique park management game that still holds a lot of potential.


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