Paws and Leaves - A Thracian Tale
by grownarts

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Contact Name: Florian Haase

About the game: Paws and Leaves - A Thracian Tale

Paws and Leaves – Roots of Me is a 3rd person story-driven game in which you will be experiencing the short prologue of "Paws and Leaves - A Thracian Tale".

This is the story of a young fox’s premature death. While discovering a forest, you will learn how to interact with the world step by step and start to see it in new playful ways, while you help Me to remember his senses. You will need the help of time and seasons to find pieces of your memory that lead your way through this very touching journey.

About the company: grownarts

The company grownarts is a sole proprietorship represented by Florian Haase. The company's vision is to develop media and video games that deal with difficult and social (taboo) topics and to motivate consumers to engage intrinsically and actively with these topics.


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