by Tiny Roar

Press Contact

Contact Name: Maria Zubova
Link to request keys: https://www.lurkit.com/company/assemble-entertainment
Developer PressKit: https://data.assemble-entertainment.com/download/301487e0-fcf8-480f-9851-089c7a4969c4

About the game: XEL

XEL is an epic 3D sci-fi fantasy action-adventure. Explore the mysterious world of XEL and help protagonist Reid to uncover her enigmatic past. Make new friends and foes along the way and collect exciting gadgets to master challenging dungeons and solve time bending puzzles.

About the company: Tiny Roar

Tiny Roar is an Indie Game Developer situated in Hamburg, Germany. We develop tiny games which make a lot of noise: ROAR!


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