Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero
by OneManOnMars Art & Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Roman Fuhrer
E-Mail: r.fuhrer@onemanonmars.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmwzuwapw7jb60o/press_kit_2_5.zip?dl=0

About the game: Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero

Play Leif's Adventure, a story-driven co-operative 2d action-adventure about friendship and teamwork. A boy never meant to be a hero, learns that pure strength is not always the answer! Guide two completely different characters through the adventure of their lifetime. Combine the unique abilities of both characters to overcome the evil sources of the Netherworld.

About the company: OneManOnMars Art & Games

Indie games from the heart of Hamburg. OneManOnMars Art & Games is as indie as it gets! Dedicated to creating games with heart and soul. OneManOnMars Art & Games is working on Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


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