Jasper and the City of Lights
by Rivers and Wine Studios

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Contact Name: Gordon Vogel
E-Mail: press@riversandwine.de

About the game: Jasper and the City of Lights

Jasper and the City of Lights is a 3rd person, interactive 3D fairy tale that opens the door for players to a strange and mysterious world full of secrets and tales. It is inhabited by enigmatic characters whose stories flash like sparks in the darkness of the Whispering Forest to unmask the secrets of this place.

You accompany little Jasper on his journey to Myr - The City of Lights, which lies in the heart of the forest.

When Jasper spends the summer vacations with his sister at their grandparent's house, their happiness is abruptly torn apart when Nora suddenly vanishes. Full of grief, Jasper sits at the window at night and looks out over the forest, when suddenly a shooting star brightens the sky. Jasper desperately wishes for Nora to come home safely as the shooting star falls to the ground amidst the forest. Gripped by curiosity, the boy sneaks out into the forest, unaware of the wondrous events that await him.

The Whispering Forest houses a hidden world whose soul is fueled by the so-called Sky Candles. Only within their light life and warmth can exist, but an ancient spirit extinguished their flames, plunging the world into cold and stagnation. Accompanied by the fallen star, with whose help he can reignite the candles, Jasper must bring to life the many different areas of the forest to find his sister. The journey will take him not only to the heart of the forest, but also to the deepest depths of the world, where its mysteries lie hidden. But not every secret wants to be revealed.

About the company: Rivers and Wine Studios

At Rivers and Wine Studios, we aim to bring stories and worlds to life and make them experiencable. When developing our games, we strive for an immersive experience achieved through strong atmosphere, heartwarming stories, and beautiful, coherent worlds. In doing so, we aim to keep the barrier to entry very low.

Our games are aimed at creative people like us, casual gamers, but also those who don't have much experience with the medium of games. In terms of platforms, we focus on the Nintendo Switch, iOS and PC, for which we successfully develop and optimize games.

Our team was formed during our studies in Intermedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Driven by the passion for interactive stories, we finally founded the company Rivers and Wine Studios in Cologne. Our games should be nothing less than declarations of love to our target group and as such, with a lot of detail and effort, they should give players the opportunity to immerse themselves and be enchanted.


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