Project Morph

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Contact Name: Sebastian Bulas

About the game: Project Morph

Project MORPH is an isometric, souls-like, sci-fi action-RPG wit a unique player shapeshifting mechanic.
Collect enemy DNA and use it to transform into various creatures, called 'Morphs'.

Become your enemy, literally, and fight fire with fire!

About the company: THREAKS GmbH

THREAKS is an award winning game studio based in Hamburg, Germany founded in 2009.
We work on games that we love for pc, consoles and mobile as well as AR & VR.
With more than a decade of experience THREAKS is a proud team of highly ambitious, creative and diverse industry professionals.
Our goal is to develop great and interesting concepts with a unique twist or core mechanic while our ambition is to always deliver to our fullest potential and to create the best possible player experience.
Next To our own projects we offer our professional services to external clients.
THREAKS is apart of Unity's Certified Creator Network.


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