by Sven Ahlgrimm, Mathilde Hoffmann

Press Contact

Contact Name: Sven Ahlgrimm
E-Mail: sven.ahlg@gmail.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.oddada.com/press/sheet.php?p=oddada

About the game: ODDADA

ODDADA is a little music game based in a fantasy toy world. Take your train through different landscapes, machines and buildings to collect melodies and rhythms and create your own musical journey.
The game has no obstacles, puzzles or real challenges. It is also not a perfect instrument. It is a game, that makes music making playful, easy and wonderous.

About the company: Sven Ahlgrimm, Mathilde Hoffmann

We're Sven and Mathilde from Germany and we make ODDADA together. Sven Ahlgrimm is the programmer, artist and inventor of ODDADA. Mathilde Hoffmann is the sound- and music designer for the game.


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