[I] doesn't exist - a modern text adventure
by LUAL Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Luzia Hüttenmoser
E-Mail: lual@lual.games
Link to request keys: https://lulatschia.itch.io/i-doesnt-exist
Developer PressKit: https://press.lual.games/

About the game: [I] doesn't exist - a modern text adventure

Classic Zork meets existential crisis in the modern text adventure “[I] doesn’t exist”. Explore themes of isolation and mental health, ask yourself: who really has control in a video game? Unravel the mysteries of this forest, pet the mushroom, throw things around - but most importantly: Get. Out. That. Door.

Beautiful pixel art animations and modern AI technology let you experience the old-school genre in a whole new light. Use your own words to communicate with the game - and your avatar.

About the company: LUAL Games

LUAL Games is a two-woman indie studio founded by Anna-Lena Pontet and Luzia Hüttenmoser. We make narrative games and create stories that make the player think - even after they finished the game.


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