Please, Touch The Artwork
by Thomas Waterzooi

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About the game: Please, Touch The Artwork

What would happen if you DID touch the artwork? In this cozy puzzler with narrative, you'll break the golden rule of museums by touching more than 160 iconic paintings, and explore the secret worlds hidden inside. It's an aesthetic journey to the origins of modern art, set to a soothing jazzy soundtrack.

'Please, Touch The Artwork' bundles 3 unique game-modes each inspired by a different iconic abstract painting from Piet Mondrian, covering 2~3 hours of relaxing, no-stress casual gameplay.

About the company: Thomas Waterzooi

Award winning game-designer Thomas Waterzooi makes accessible games inspired by culture and people. His games are about relaxing, reflecting, tinkering, and being absorbed into the story & aesthetics.


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