Catch Me!
by ByteRockers' Games

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Contact Name: Maik Reichelt
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About the game: Catch Me!

Compete online against your friends and other players in this chaotic and fast paced 4-player game of tag! Race across different locations, jump through windows, electrocute the other players or throw cats at them. (No cats were harmed in the production of this game.)

About the company: ByteRockers' Games

Since 2008, our ChiefRocker Martin Knauf wants to change the way people think about video games and their development fundamentally. His vision: video games that upgrade your everyday life skillset, while maintaining the pure joy of playing. 3 years ago we decided together that this vision become the cornerstone of any development. With "Insurmountable" and the cooperation with Daedalic we achieved our biggest success so far last year. At the moment we develop 3 games in parallel with over 30 employees for all common platforms.


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