Batora: Lost Haven
by Stormind Games

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Contact Name: Abe Foster

About the game: Batora: Lost Haven

Embark on an epic adventure to save Earth in this interplanetary action RPG. Harness the ancient powers of Sun and Moon to take on a variety of unique enemies while solving diverse puzzles and exploring stunning sci-fi worlds, each with its own curious stories, inhabitants, and mysteries.
Throughout Batora: Lost Haven®, you will explore a range of unique alien planets and discover a galaxy in which morals are blurred and the line between right and wrong is mercilessly thin. As you explore, you’ll need to harness Avril’s unique abilities to perfect different combat styles and defeat deadly foes, solve intricate puzzles, and take on quests from curious alien inhabitants. Every choice you make will shape your journey and forge the way you carry out your final mission... Restoring your Lost Haven.

About the company: Stormind Games

Stormind Games is the studio specialized in the development of premium video games with intense stories for PC and consoles. Founded in 2016, it won Best New Studio at the DStars Awards 2019 and Outstanding Italian Company at the IVGA 2020. Following the development of the award-winning survival horror saga Remothered, Stormind Games is now working on the story-driven action RPG Batora: Lost Haven, which will be published by Team17 in Fall 2022, and on new exciting projects that are still unannounced.


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