by johnbell

Press Contact

Contact Name: Yaroslav Kadyshev
E-Mail: yaroslav@criticalreflex.com
Link to request keys: yaroslav@criticalreflex.com
Developer PressKit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/100eB1apw8CMT9jFcCiI9Jynk6yDsG-Ou?usp=sharing

About the game: ORX

ORX is a new take on the well-known tower defense genre, blending mechanics of popular deck building and tabletop games to create a truly unique experience. Grow your castle, expand your domain, and take a stand against hordes of green-skinned attackers! Every level, tougher and more relentless enemies will assault your kingdom - and it’s up to you to pick the right strategy and rid your realm of the green-skinned menace once and for all!

About the company: johnbell

johnbell develop small and beautiful games in the indie scene, with their first title being Sabaton: Long live the King, a strategy mini-game created for their favourite music band Sabaton.


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