Desta: The Memories Between
by ustwo games

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Contact Name: Jamie Wotton
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About the game: Desta: The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between is a strategic, turn-based action title. Through unique gameplay and unforgettable characters, the game explores themes such as introspection and self-reflection, centring around the main lead character, Desta, as they navigate through a dreamlike world.

As Desta falls asleep every night, they find themselves entering into a mysterious and infinite dream-world: filled with glowing balls to throw, shattered remnants of locations past, and vague memories.

Players will flow in etheric environments to take on enemies and bosses through a ball game in this quirky character-driven adventure.

Desta: The Memories Between offers the depth of skill and mechanics that can be found in turn-based and roguelike games. Inspired by the likes of Hades, Into the Breach and Inception, Desta is the deepest, most ambitious and most replayable title from ustwo games yet, but with all the heart and approachability that the London studio is known for.

About the company: ustwo games

ustwo games - creators of Monument Valley and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure - is a proud independent games developer and publisher. ustwo games prides itself on creating progressive games, delivering high-quality and meaningful experiences to players all around the world.


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