The Time I Have Left
by GROUND Game Atelier

About the game: The Time I Have Left

The Time I Have Left is a time-driven escape adventure with RPG elements set in a complex underground facility. A mysterious phenomenon known only as ‘The Miasma’ has marked Aline for certain death. Can you help her escape the desolate halls of Colony 7?

Left as the seemingly sole inhabitant of the enormous underground city of Colony 7, Aline is suddenly marked for death by a mysterious phenomenon known as ‘The Miasma’.

- Guide Aline in a race against the clock through Colony 7, an enormous and eerily deserted underground complex.
- Face disturbing visions of death in a dynamic turn-based combat system.
- Preserve your willpower and uncover the hidden truth behind Colony 7, Aline, and The Miasma.

About the company: GROUND Game Atelier

Great ideas do not expire.

We shape our work by distilling the essence of the forgotten gems that we love and bring our personal take on what a game can be, say, and mean.
Our goal is to create something special that will stick to our player’s minds.

At GROUND, a creative team from Barcelona, we place equal value on technology and art, and strive to inspire others like we were inspired ourselves.


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