Farewell North
by Kyle Banks

Press Contact

Contact Name: Sinikka Compart
E-Mail: s.compart@mooneyestudios.com
Link to request keys: s.compart@mooneyestudios.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.mooneyestudios.com/press/farewellnorth

About the game: Farewell North

Restore color to a dark and desolate archipelago in Farewell North, an open world adventure where you play as a collie traveling a chain of foreboding islands alongside your human companion.
Explore at your own pace to restore color, while uncovering a unique story about saying farewell.

About the company: Kyle Banks

I'm an Edinburgh based developer, mostly focused on mobile, server-side, and machine learning programming, with the occasional game development thrown in for fun. Most of my time is split between Android, Go, Java, Node.js, Python, Unity3D and AWS/GCP. I've been known dabble in back-end, front-end, games, hardware, desktop, datascience, and just about every other type of programming as well.


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