Mira And The Legend Of The Djinns
by Little Knight Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Maria Zubova
E-Mail: m.zubova@assembleteam.com
Link to request keys: https://www.lurkit.com/company/assemble-entertainment
Developer PressKit: https://data.assemble-entertainment.com/download/30ec7870-acb5-4241-abd0-8b6700bfc6c2

About the game: Mira And The Legend Of The Djinns

Mira and the Legend of the Djinns is a classic Metroidvania style game. The story follows the adventures of Yuba, a treasure hunter and explorer who travels the vast expanse of the Desert Ocean, and Mira, a mysterious Djinn who has lost her memories. The world of the game is inspired by Moroccan and Amazigh culture, language, and spiritual traditions.

During a routine job, Yuba discovers an ancient Necropolis. Deep within, he encounters Mira, the first Djinn anyone’s seen in generations. To regain her lost memories, Yuba agrees to form a spiritual Bond, something no human has done outside of half-remembered legends.
Together, Mira and Yuba embark on an epic quest to rediscover Mira’s lost memories and the secret history of Fallen Amazgesh, a world of ruins and devastation and the only home Yuba has ever known.
Along the way, the pair will discover new friends and deadly enemies, track down priceless artifacts and dangerous ruins, battle against mutated creatures and corrupted spirits, and come face to face with the very cause of the cataclysm that ended Mira’s world and created Yuba’s.

About the company: Little Knight Games

Indie game publishing company working on their first game Mira and the Legend of the Djinns.


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