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Contact Name: Maria Zubova
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About the game: Moviehouse

Game Dev Tycoon with Movies!
Manage your own movie studio! Hire talent, write scripts and shoot the movie of your dreams, all the while balancing the whims of your fans and critics.

Set in the 80s and spanning through the decades to the current day, players start with a small yet passionate film crew with rudimentary equipment who have one goal: grow the studio into one of the best in the industry and keep it that way for years to come. With an eye for entertainment, pick from a dozen different and popular film genres and plot the perfect, award-winning storyline. Inspired by the cult classic The Movies by Peter Molyneux, strike the perfect balance between arthouse and Hollywood pop culture to create a true blockbuster cult classic that will leave the critics begging for more.

About the company: Odyssey Studios

A video game development company based in Riga, Latvia.


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