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Cat Quest meets Mirador!
Bound by Blades is a boss rush RPG with a high emphasis on challenging combat and crafting. Featuring a distinctive combat system, the game follows the established Monster Hunter core gameplay loop of slaying bosses, looting and levelling/crafting new gear. The developer Zeth aims to create a more accessible and casual approach to boss centered games, such as Monster Hunter and Eldest Souls, while giving the formula some fresh ideas in the form of an unique combat system. The story is told in beautiful colored artworks. Bound by Blades tires a more casual approach to the established slay, loot & craft formula, while being not as hardcore as genre kings, although still providing enough replayability and endgame content for your buck. Set in a high fantasy setting, the players can choose from 3 different characters, each featuring its own playstyle, while going to combat the powerful Ilcyon and restoring peace to the world. After each encounter the players will gather materials and loot to craft ever stronger equipment and level up their pets. Bound by Blades is a simple, casual experience with a focus on fun, satisfying and challenging boss fights and charming and imaginative characters.

About the company: Bound By Blades

I am Justin Thompson otherwise known as Zeth, the main developer along with an amazing team of freelancers to pull together my dream project, Bound by Blades. With 7 years of experience in the game industry from QA, Game Design, and Game Direction, I am using all of it to lead my team to create an amazing game. I learned programming and began development alone, while along the way building a passionate and talented team to craft the beautiful world that it has today. Technically I am a solo developer but I work with Freelancers. I also do regular platest with the community on Discord - it’s a very community driven project where feature requests and feedback from the users is highly appreciated.


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