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Contact Name: Oliver Langkowski
E-Mail: langkowski@anteater-games.com
Link to request keys: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anteatergames.rabbit

About the game: Unsteakables

Help your cuddly friends by shooting brussel’s sprouts, chili sauce and worse.

Fight of hungry invaders who are out to eat you and your friends! Use a vast array of fearsome weapons - starting with brussel’s sprouts - to make the attackers rethink their dinner plans. Join Klaus and his trusty tractor in securing field by field, road by road and village by village from attacks by crazy meat-eaters in haphazard flying machines. Acquire new weapons to shoot the invaders down, but watch your head when the wrecks start falling!

Use the ingenuity of your fuzzy friends to your advantage. Research upgrades to Klaus’s tractor or special weapons that are equally crazy and dangerous. Find new friends along the way who will help you beat back the invaders.

About the company: Anteater Games GmbH

Feel-good games with heart and soul.
We are a game development studio located in Berlin, Germany.
We strive to create games that always offer our players a unique experience full of
memorable moments.


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