by Beeswax Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Samuel Guglielmo
E-Mail: Samg@dreadxp.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.dreadxp.com/spookware

About the game: Spookware

Play through loads of hand-crafted fast-paced microgames based on horror tropes, explore the world of the afterlife and help the skelebros live their death to the fullest. Challenge yourself with a wide collection of blazing-fast microgames themed around horror tropes. Featuring over a hundred microgames you're sure to get shaken to your bones! Each game takes only a few seconds, so you'll have to use your wits to survive the onslaught of wildly different blood-curling games. From frantically decapitating some poor guy's head to filing your taxes, the horror never ends!

About the company: Beeswax Games

Beeswax Games is three busy bees making video games. The team behind viral itch.io horror hit No Players Online, along with plenty of other goofy games, they've come together to create new and fun experiences for new and fun players.


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