by Red Fur Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Volker Ritzhaupt
E-Mail: volker.ritzhaupt@application-systems.de
Link to request keys: https://www.application-systems.co.uk/press/sheet.php?p=Witchtastic#preview
Developer PressKit: https://www.application-systems.co.uk/press/sheet.php?p=Witchtastic

About the game: Witchtastic

Witchtastic is a challenging 2-4 player coop game about brewing and delivering magic potions as fast as possible. Take on the role of aspiring witches and experience charming adventures. Need a break from all the yelling of your friends? You can practice in a single player campaign as well!

About the company: Red Fur Games

Red Fur Games was founded during the development of Witchtastic. Manuel Flemming has worked for over a decade in 3D animation and visual effects while Ingmar Koch studied arts and worked as a graphics designer. In 2018 they've decided to join forces and use their skills to create something that they love!


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