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Indie Arena Booth is alive and kicking! Since 2013 Indie Arena Booth has supported independent developers from all over the world. Our mission has always been about providing devs with the best opportunities to present their games to publishers, press and avid gamers from all around the globe. Indie Arena Booth has never been about the physical place but about the mindset - we are all united in our belief that ambitious indie games make the world a better place.

We started as an initiative from devs who wanted to showcase their games at conventions but couldn’t afford a showcasing space, from 45 sqm in 2013 with a few teams, we grew to a global safe space for indie game lovers, devs, streamers and press.

Our heart and our soul is dedicated to curate the best lineup with newest and most interesting indie titles and present them to players and press in a unique and fun experience.

Now, for the second year in a row, Indie Arena Booth has moved beyond the realm of the physical and invites participants to an interactive online experience on 100.000 km2. Last year, our innovative concept was highly praised and we received the Heart of Gaming Award at gamescom and the Special Jury Award at the German Computer Games Awards 2021 for our event in 2020.

The virtual version of Indie Arena Booth offers all the fun from the physical event, but in the colorful guise of an online multiplayer game from August 23rd to 29th. Visitors can create their own avatars, invite their friends and check out 120+ games from some of the best indie studios from all over the world. They can chat with the devs, play their games, watch their streams and more! There is also a special Steam Sale only for participants.


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Visitors can customize their own in-game avatar, chat with other attendees and interact with game developers and other gamers from around the globe.

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