Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom
by Panik Arcade

About the game: Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom

Make full use of your advanced move-set to navigate hand-crafted retro worlds without a jump button in this vibrant love letter to the N64 era of collectathons!

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom! is a trippy arcade platformer ready to take you on a crazy adventure!

About the company: Panik Arcade

Developer - Panik Arcade is the neon-coloured brainchild of Matteo and Lorenzo, two Italians raised on pizza, comics and Nintendo 64 nostalgia.
Publisher - Those Awesome Guys - Based in Bucharest, Romania, Those Awesome Guys is a fiercely independent video game development and publishing studio formed out of people from all around the world. After the launch of hit success Move or Die, the studio branched out to publishing with the release of Monster Prom and Deepest Chamber, and now prepping the launch of Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom.


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