The Time I Have Left
by Ground Game Atelier

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Contact Name: Yite (Juan Estévez)
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About the game: The Time I Have Left

The Time I Have Left is a time-driven exploration game with RPG elements and a big focus on storytelling. The player takes the role of Aline, a woman affected by a mysterious condition that marks her for certain death: The Miasma. Players will guide Aline in a race against time to escape from an enormous underground complex, Colony 7.

During her escape, Aline suffers from disturbing visions of death presented in the form of a turn-based combat system with active elements. To survive these Near-Death Experiences, the player must use all the tools at their disposal to evade these liminal creatures until they lose the will to chase her.

About the company: Ground Game Atelier

Great ideas do not expire.

We shape our work by distilling the essence of the forgotten gems that we love and bring our personal take on what a game can be, say, and mean. Our goal is to create something special that will stick to our player’s minds.

At Ground Game Atelier, a creative game studio from Barcelona, we place equal value on technology and art, and strive to inspire others like we were inspired ourselves.


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