Tiny Bookshop
by neoludic games

Press Contact

Contact Name: David (he/him)
E-Mail: press@neoludic.games
Link to request keys: tiny-bookshop@neoludic.games
Developer PressKit: https://impress.games/press-kit/neoludic-games/tiny-bookshop

About the game: Tiny Bookshop

Stock your tiny bookshop, set up shop in scenic locations, and run your cozy bookshop while getting to know the locals.

- Collect second-hand books and decorations for your bookshop.
- Stock books of different genres to satisfy the locals’ reading habits and watch your customers trickle in.
- Decorate your Tiny Bookshop with the items you collect.

Where you go each day, which items you bring, and the way that you interact with the people around you all shape the town’s stories – and your own.

About the company: neoludic games

neoludic is a small indie games studio dedicated to creating joyous indie games for everyone.


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