by inDirection Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Daniel Postlethwaite
E-Mail: press@slugdisco.com
Link to request keys: https://forms.gle/KTfgirjUnWqMkX8H9
Developer PressKit: https://horticulargame.com/press/

About the game: Horticular

Horticular is a relaxing garden-builder that begins with mysterious gnomes summoning you. Their wish? For you to breathe new life into a long-lost garden, abandoned by its previous caretaker.

Enter a magical world where you build up and expand a lush garden at your own pace. In your journey, you attract adorable animals to inhabit every corner; uncover helpful upgrades; and assist quirky characters for rewards and story developmentā€”all while juggling decay and fending off corruption sent by your nemesis!

About the company: inDirection Games

inDirection Games was founded by me, Robert Kaufmann, as a means to develop games that dare to be different. I have since long dreamt of finishing at least one game that I could take pride in. In early 2021, I made the opportunity to follow that dream.


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