Plank Builders
by Diditopia Games

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Contact Name: Mathis Ebner
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About the game: Plank Builders

“Plank Builders” is a peaceful construction game. Magical marbles have the ability to make stuffed toys come alive. Together with the stuffed animals, the player plans and constructs different buildings made from small wooden planks. As the player, you embark on the quest of finding and reaching all the stuffed toy monkeys hidden in the room.
But there is a problem! - You can’t touch the floor! So you got to place down plank routes first before you create more and more elaborate constructions. Fill the room with your creativity and awake all the stuffed toy monkeys.

About the company: Diditopia Games

Diditopia Games is an indie game design studio located in Basel, Switzerland. Mathis Ebner and Jonas Müller founded the company in summer 2021 after their graduation from the Zurich University of the Arts.


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