by Toydium Inc. & Million Edge Inc.

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Contact Name: Koji Kakizawa
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About the game: Gift

When the protagonist wakes up, he finds himself on a luxury cruise ship.
The game revolves around the story of his attempts to escape from the sinking ship and a group of passengers he feels nostalgic about.

This action game is where you find your passengers and escape from a sinking ship.
The tilt and water level of the ship are constantly changing, and the situation can vary dramatically depending on the timing, even in the same location.
Gimmicks in the stages also change significantly depending on the tilt and water level.
Players need to use these elements and build escape routes strategically.
Sometimes it is necessary to solve puzzles, and sometimes it is needed to navigate your way through different actions.

About the company: Toydium Inc. & Million Edge Inc.

We are a small development company based in Tokyo, with the desire to create a "toy" that people all over the world will be fascinated by.
We hope to achieve an impressive visual design and offer a unique gaming experience that will leave a lasting impression on our users.


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