Kriegsfront Tactics
by Toge Productions

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Contact Name: Arya Wiryawan Wibowo
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About the game: Kriegsfront Tactics

Kriegsfront Tactics is a procedural turn-based mecha squad tactics game for military sim fans that combines elements from classic tactical strategy games, roguelikes, and lowpoly retro-style visuals.

Set in the alternate 1970s during an era of conflict in Southeast Asia, you'll play as a commander of a mecha squad sent behind enemy lines. Manage your squad, resources, and mechs. Complete missions, and survive the front another day, while facing hard decisions that will test your morality.

About the company: Toge Productions

Developers of critically acclaimed Coffee Talk, Toge Productions is an Indonesia-based indie game development and publishing studio with successful projects like Mojiken’s A Space for the Unbound.


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