Lose Ctrl
by Play From Your Heart UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Press Contact

Contact Name: Martin Apple
E-Mail: playfromyourheartug@gmail.com

About the game: Lose Ctrl

Lose Ctrl has weird humor, absurd dialog and lots of relatable minigames like: Getting out of bed, working at a pc that does not work, doing ASMR dance workouts at work, having an appointment with your boss, getting accused of eating your coworkers, learning to drive a segway.
With time, the regular life of our protagonist spirals out of control. Meanwhile, the player literally loses control too, as keyboard and mouse mappings get scrambled. Now everything is weird and everybody needs to adapt to the new way things work.

Not to forget: The online mode for playing weird minigames with random controls with your friends.

About the company: Play From Your Heart UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Play From Your Heart is a company founded in Berlin in 2021 that aims to take a fresh perspective on games. Instead of reprinting already familiar, formulaic game ideas, the small team of three friends seeks to combine subversive gameplay mechanics with interesting narratives.


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