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Contact Name: Bianca Louw
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About the game: Metavoidal

Metavoidal is a whacky pixel art roguelite brawler game where you use your skills as a drummer to seek revenge on a Metal Band of Eldritch Monsters. Tap into the power of the music, use it to strengthen your abilities and find a way to escape this corrupted crypt that you find yourself trapped in.

About the company: Yellow Lab Games

Yellow Lab Games is a local indie game development company situated in the heart of Cape Town. We're a team of less than 10 who are passionately working on our first game. The inspiration for the name 'Yellow Lab' came from the much loved member of our extended four-legged team, a golden haired labrador called Charlie. We leaned even more into the name since it translates into being a space of experimentation, as well.

We have extensive experience in the game development & adjacent industries due to our involvement in both porting & co-developing indie titles over the years. Some of those titles include Twelve Minutes, TABS, and Memoir Blue. But in 2022 we decided to try our hand at developing our own game, which is how we got here now!


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