The Ebbing - A Coastal Tale
by Active Fungus Studios

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Contact Name: Jakob Braun
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About the game: The Ebbing - A Coastal Tale

The Ebbing: A Coast Tale is a Third Person Detective RPG set on the Northern Coast of Germany in the year 1870. The First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable connects the old and the new world and will change the future of politics, church, and the ordinary people forever. When the telegraphist, operating the transatlantic communications station, is found dead, mysterious things start happening. Strange signals are received and eerie lights can be seen out on the ocean. It is up to you to investigate the case and prove your innocence. You have to lead intense dialogues, search for clues, connect you observations and make difficult decisions that alter the course of the story. Choose your friends & enemies wisely to prepare for a final confrontation against an entire community.

About the company: Active Fungus Studios

Video games as experience - Active Fungus develops computer games as experiences that entertain as well as immerse our players deeply in the subject matter and provide food for thought. Through computer games, we enable players to take on different perspectives and encourage them to experience and understand conflicts and problems from different angles.We do not only want to entertain with our computer games, but also to draw attention to social issues. The focus is on historical events whose effects can still be felt today. With the alpha release of “Totgeschwiegen” we drew attention to ourselves for the first time in September 2021 – and with success: Several Twitch streamers played our game on release day, and others followed, including well-known names in the German scene such as Gronkh and Simon Krätschmer.


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