Dark Envoy
by Event Horizon

Press Contact

Contact Name: Joanna Buganik
E-Mail: pr@evehor.com
Developer PressKit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1M6HJHpWZLeyS4zRKZ8MLWlie9Lo_vbsD?usp=sharing

About the game: Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy combines classic RPG mechanics with a skill-based combat system centered on classes and specializations, while integrating diverse tactical approaches to battles. Players command a party of relic hunters exploring the vast land of Jäan alongside their companions. The immersive storyline unfolds through a solo campaign, or can be experienced with a friend in the comprehensive online co-op mode.

About the company: Event Horizon

Event Horizon’s mission is to develop memorable RPGs with rich stories and satisfying gameplay. Founded in 2016, the studio has grown to 30+ people since its first title, Tower of Time, was released in 2018 (1,600+ reviews with a “Very Positive” rating).


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