Zombie Soup
by AeonSparx Interactive

Press Contact

Contact Name: Kong Foong Ching
E-Mail: press@aeonsparx.com
Link to request keys: https://www.astrolabe-games.ca/zombiesoup
Developer PressKit: https://aeonsparx.com/press/zombiesoup/

About the game: Zombie Soup

Zombie Soup is a top-down twin-stick shoot-em-up set in a zombie apocalypse, combined with hack-and-slash action.
It follows Ricky, a backpacker who strolled into an unexpected adventure in an unfamiliar town as he shoots and dodges his way through hordes of bizarre creatures and ridiculously tough bosses to save a kidnapped girl!

The Game – Your Favourite Stew, Guaranteed!

So you want to know what’s in Zombie Soup? Of course, the main ingredient would be some awesome top-down twin-stick shooting with a moderate amount of the cliché “damsel in distress” story, add a pinch of puzzle-solving, sprinkle some classic hack-and-slash actions, and stir with all the deadly zombies and god-knows-what creatures, resulting in a satisfyingly intense and exciting gameplay experience!

The Background – In a Crooked Little Town…

Welp! Ricky's graduation trip took an unexpected turn when he arrived in this town, only to discover that its inhabitants had been turned into zombies!??

In order to rescue Ashley, a young girl he had also just met in this unfamiliar town, Ricky strolled into (or is thrown into?) an unexpected adventure, with the help of a mysterious talking skull named MC Skully. Waiting for him will be hordes of zombies, intricately designed challenges, and ridiculously tough bosses with some of the most absurd abilities.

The Combat – LOCK N’ LOAD!

This town seems like a mega-arsenal! Whether you are a cool-headed sniper, close-quarters combat specialist, or grandmaster explosive engineer, you’ll find plenty of fun in Zombie Soup. We have not only gathered “conventional firearms” such as rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, shotguns, etc., but also a ton of melee weapons like machetes, axes, daggers… And, of course, there are explosives, too. In addition, we have also designed a wide variety of offbeat, special “weapons” – nail gun, pitching machine, fireworks launcher, and even railgun! So you can be armed to the teeth to brave the horde of zombies.

About the company: AeonSparx Interactive

AeonSparx Interactive comprises of a team of like-minded and enthusiastic artists, programmers and naturally, gamers. As a small yet passionate indie studio located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are constantly challenging our creative limits to develop ideas unbound by any restrictions and to ultimately deliver a gaming experience reflective of all the accumulated designs and visions which we can proudly claim as our own.


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