Repeat After Me
by One More Cup Studios

Press Contact

Contact Name: Jule Randzio

About the game: Repeat After Me

In this third-person puzzle game you guide your character Plamb through the almost magical production of juice where, whenever you want, you can create a copy of yourself which then loops through the last executed actions.

With that ability, the player is able to solve puzzles alone which would otherwise only be solvable with multiple players.

It's a multiplayer puzzle game, where multiple characters are controlled by a single player. This allows the puzzles to have the complexity of multiplayer settings while still being an experience that a player can have alone.

About the company: One More Cup Studios

We are One More Cup Studios! We create captivating games with passion, broadening horizons and changing perspectives in a playful way. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We See Beyond!


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