About Cannons + Sparrows
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Press Contact

Contact Name: Daniel Balzer
E-Mail: daniel@acas.studio

About the game: About Cannons + Sparrows

About Cannons + Sparrows is a sidescrolling Metroidvania platform-puzzler With a fully 3D environment. Prepare yourself for a visually stunning adventure that delivers a cinematic look and an engaging storytelling experience. embark on a thrilling journey as a small cannon who hatches from a bird's egg, unaware of its true potential. On your quest for self-discovery, you'll encounter challenging battles, navigate intricate puzzles, and unlock new movement and fighting abilities.

About the company: About Cannons + Sparrows

About Cannons + Sparrows is a video game development studio driven by a shared passion for merging captivating narratives with cinematic visual quality to create extraordinary video game experiences.


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