by Symmetry Break Studio

Press Contact

Contact Name: Anca Tutescu
E-Mail: info@symmetrybreak.com

About the game: Misgiven

Misgiven a 2D sci-fi adventure about that lump in your throat and how difficult it can be to say some things.

As a space adventurer stranded in a city of masks and unbreathable fog, you come across the mask of an explorer, whose role you'll have to play to stay alive and deliver a warning no one wants to hear.

Using a uniquely tangible dialog system, wrestle with your thoughts, find people you can trust and experience how awkward and scary, but also how rewarding, communication can be.

About the company: Symmetry Break Studio

Hamburg-based Symmetry Break Studio crafts artistic games that employ unique design and storytelling techniques to promote mental health awareness, emotional intelligence and mutual acceptance.


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