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Contact Name: Ole Jürgensen
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About the game: Crumbling

Whoosh! Bam! Pow! Remember playing with action figures? Unwrap your Crumbling from its blister package and take its fate into your hand - literally.

Crumbling is a VR rogue-like action adventure where you control your character as if it was an action figure in your hand. Move it around meticulously hand-crafted dioramas using your touch controller. Or use the native hand-tracking of the Oculus Quest. Fight against an onslaught of plastic monsters in hack'n'slash combat that is all about timing.

Discover the story of the endearing Mr. and Mrs. Crumble through animated and narrated comic books. Learn how the evil Böse Corp. stole all their magic in order to make their horrible monster toys come alive.

Are you ready to wield your Crumbling against the evil minions of Böse Corp. and reclaim the magic?

About the company: Crumbling Games

Crumbling Games is a young, very small indie studio making VR games.


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