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Contact Name: Javier Gálvez
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About the game: CLeM

CLeM is an award-winning mystery puzzlevania adventure with a dark and twisted story to unravel. A mysterious voice wakes you asking for "beauty", then you will start exporing an apparently abandoned house. As you wander around you will learn to use a notebook full of notes and drawings on alchemy and craft magic toys to complete your mission. But as soon as you complete it, leaving some unsolved mysteries behind, you will learn that you are trapped in an endless loop. You wake up again in the same cellar and the voice will ask you a new trait. What for? Who's the voice? What are you?

About the company: Mango Protocol

Mango Protocol has been crafting narrative-driven games since 2013. The studio is currently working on CLeM, a mystery puzzlevania adventure for consoles and PC to be released on 2023. CLeM is the fourth game in the Psychotic Adventures series, following the studio’s three previous hits, MechaNika, Agatha Knife and Colossus Down.


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