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Contact Name: Zach Huntley
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About the game: Sagres

Sagres is a truly open world sailing game set in the 1400s where the player takes the role of Fernando, a burgeoning explorer, who sets off to help his friend Lucia uncover the mystery of her father's disappearance.

While exploring over 200 real world locations the player battles enemies on land and sea, makes discoveries to increase their reputation, creates new trade routes, recruits navigators and customizes their ship in a 14+ hour adventure that spans the entire globe.

About the company: Kakehashi Games

Founded in Tokyo in 2013, Kakehashi Games provides publishing support services to some of the most famous indie game companies to assist in the release of their titles in the Japanese market.

As of 2023, Kakehashi Games expanded their business to become a worldwide publisher with the goal of giving a voice to Asian indie developers in the rest of the world.