Forgotten Fragments
by Binary Phoenix

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Contact Name: Pol Monforte
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About the game: Forgotten Fragments

Forgotten Fragments is a 2D puzzle-platformer with a unique pixel-art style, that challenges the player with short levels that have to be completed by a combination of puzzle-solving and fast platformer skills.
The goal of each level is to light all the ancient torches by using the power of the magical orbs that are spread through the level.
The game has Singleplayer mode and Local Co-op mode (two players). Each mode has different levels made specifically for one or two players.

About the company: Binary Phoenix

Binary Phoenix is an independent game studio formed by Pol Monforte and Marc Pons. Our main goal is to make fun, challenging and rewarding games. We like to play local co-op games too, so expect some friendship-breaking situations in our titles.


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