Hamster Playground
by Mass Creation

Press Contact

Contact Name: Michal Azarewicz
E-Mail: pr@wediggames.com
Link to request keys: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1442670/Hamster_Playground/

About the game: Hamster Playground

All Aboard the Hamster Train!
Prepare for cuteness overload, relentless training, and fierce rivalry as you and your hamsters take on challenges while traversing the maze and riding a skateboard, with more modes coming soon! Be the first to cross the finish line to earn rewards and yummy treats!

- Experience fierce competition in a laid-back style – all you need is a single button, but don't think for one second that it means you won’t break a sweat!
- Race AI-driven hamsters in mazes and on drag strips – more modes to be included in the full game upon launch;
- Enjoy multiplayer modes – compete with others, whether they're next to you (up to 4 players locally), or hundreds of miles away;
- Develop your hamsters’ abilities and skillsets to compete against higher-level opponents;
- Look after your hamsters and expand their house – furnish it with new equipment and make it the mansion they deserve;
- Name your hamsters and customise them – there are over 100 cosmetic items!
- Enjoy detailed graphics and cute animations, no matter what mode you're playing!

About the company: Mass Creation

Mass Creation team are passionate industry professionals, making action-packed games with passion and expertise, focusing on delivering games provi ding unique gameplay experiences and top quality. They create new versions of arcade genres, which they grow up on – games they would like to play as players. They were forge d by arcades and arcade saloons, which is why their main f ocus is to bring back little-forgotten genres of games in a new, more market – fitting version.

WE DIG GAMES (Publisher)
We are a passionate team of developers who have over 10 years of experience in the industry and always decided to take the high-road of self-publishing, earning us a great deal of insight into both the perspective of a creator and publisher.
Our label may be fresh but behind it there is an extensive know-how and knowledge of business and sales – all that on top of our development capabilities. For years we have been handling all things related to making and releasing games by ourselves, on all major consoles and PC, and we’re willing to give you a hand, no matter what you may need help with – including funding.
As we come from the development background, we can understand your needs; after all, we know what sort of support and help we would expect from a potential publisher.


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