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About the game: TAX-FORCE

TAX-FORCE - Tax-Evading Mutants in Space
Hunt down tax-evading mutant billionaires and reinvest in society in a narrative action rogue-lite and political sim mashup.
The Galaxy is in debt. In a final, desperate attempt to save the planet from bankruptcy, and prevent the shutdown of Farset 13’s Solar Shield, you are invited to lead Tax-Force - an elite department of heavily armed Treasurers, granted emergency powers to hunt mutant tax evaders. Fight your way through their defences, negotiate repayments and clear the debt directly, or reinvest in your city to grow the economy, before the planet burns to a crisp. You have 7 days.
Tax-force is a narrative action rogue-lite that forces the player to weigh up morality-based policies and economic strategy. Its themes deal with the economic and personal effects of government policy and corporate responsibility.

About the company: Outsider Games

Previously on Outsider Games…
10 years ago, a crew of comicbook creators and programmers assembled with the goal of combining the narrative heft and design language of comicbooks with the immersion of games.
Tax-Force is Outsider Games’ magnum opus - combining the team’s love of X-men, Judge Dredd and nostalgia of 90s comicbooks, with a mutual disdain for tax-avoiding billionaires.


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