Changes on this years’ Indie Arena Booth Online 2021

Our event framework has come far over the last year! We finetuned the platform and gathered experience with our other online events and it runs much smoother now! We were able to increase the average playtime of our events from an average playtime of 10 minutes at Indie Arena Booth online 2020, to 2 hours at MAG Online and fabulous 4 hours at Hamburg Games Conference.

New and fancy

  • Improved booth content management system: You don’t have to spend hours to build your booth, just enter company and game infos, upload videos and banners and you’re ready to go!  No more 30 hours of booth building from your end. We take care of your booths just like we do at the physical events. (this means that there’s less customization options but also less work AND you can update the booth content live during the show if you made a typo).
  • ​​More interaction per digital square meter: Booths will be in digital areas along other games, ensuring a more streamlined customer journey leading to higher visibility and more traffic for everyone. With meta gameplay elements we make sure that every part of Indie Arena Booth Online is worth exploring.
  • More curation, more awesomeness: This year we will reduce the total amount of games to make everyone shine as much as possible.
  • Sticker game and XP system: You will be able to create a custom sticker with your artwork for visitors to collect. This significantly increased the retention rate at our other digital events Hamburg Games Conference and MAG Online.
  • Ingame B2B video calls: A new feature allows voice and video calls directly in Indie Arena Booth Online. Speak with other devs, business partners or publishers directly at the event.
  • Whatever else we come up with

Old but gold

  • Indie Arena Booth is part of digital gamescom: Each exhibitor gets a trade visitor ticket for hybrid gamescom. You can either connect with other trade visitors online or offline. Indie Arena Booth Online is part of gamescom now, this means your game will be included in gamescoms’ indie activities. Also you can apply for shows like gamescom studio oder gamescom: Awesome Indies or the gamescom awards.
  • ​Amazing streaming show: As usual we will host our curated streaming show to highlight your games. We also keep the backend matchmaking (and improve it) before the show to connect you with streamers and press.
  • Platform sales events: We’ll host curated sales events (platforms tba) with your games and demos.
  • Trailer, social media & Presskit: Be part of our line-up trailer, your game posted on our social media channels and get listed on

Example Booth Pictures: