Ben and Ed - Blood Party
by Sluggerfly

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Contact Name: Dominik PlaƟmann
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About the game: Ben and Ed - Blood Party

Ben and Ed - Blood Party is a silly and gory 3d Platformer. Play alone or together online and survive deadly obstacle courses. Customize your zombie, create your own levels and upload them via Steam-Workshop.

Play as a zombie
Use the advantages of your rotten body! Lose limbs, throw your head, be transformed into a meat block, dance and more...

Play with up to 4 people. Compete for the first place and find out who can drag his rotting body to the goal fastest, or cooperate to complete the deadly obstacle courses together.

Level Editor
Build your own levels with the integrated level editor. Create a course, place traps and make life hell for those who try to complete it.

Zombie Editor
Customize your zombie. Make him or her beautiful. We have sandals!

Steam Workshop
Upload your levels to Steam Workshop and let the world die in it, or download countless levels made by other players.

About the company: Sluggerfly

Sluggerfly is a small, independent game development studio. Founded 2015 in Essen, germany, they released their first game Ben and Ed the same year. As a team of 6 game design students, Sluggerfly already existed from 2009-2010. Back then, the team created the prototype for a game called Night of Joeanne as their graduation work. The group split up and the former members started working for various game developers. At one point, a part of the former team, with the help of a new member, decided to give it a shot and founded the now existing studio.


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